Sunday, May 24, 2009

Get the lead out!

Michigan's legislator's don't seem to be moving with the urgency one might expect given the plight of our state's economy.

To date,only 25% of the road projects funded thru the stimulus bill are approved.With a June 30th deadline fast approaching,the state stands to lose out on millions.Michigan was approved for $847 million and only $211 has been approved so far for 109 projects according to Pro Publica.To compare,Wyoming has 96% approved already.

The Treasury released $78 million slated for Michigan thru HUD grants to build affordable housing.Certainly the construction work will aid the state's battered construction industry.I have to wonder about need for additional housing with the glut on the market today already diluting prices.Housing has never been more affordable in memory for most residents who aren't old enough to have lived thru the depression.

With a fresh $30 billion headed for Government Motors,the total for the carmakers could now exceed $100 billion before it's over.These loans,I mean grants or windfalls or giveaways or political payoffs-you pick,will likely never return to taxpayer wallets.Besides,even if the carmakers make some token loan paybacks in the future for good PR,do you think they'll get thru the general fund?Maybe Chrysler's did back in the day,but a bailout back then had entirely different purpose than the theft ring running the Treasury today.More to come...

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