Monday, May 18, 2009

Opportunity is here today!

Today we are blessed with an opportunity we seldom get.We have a chance to make preparations for the coming economic disaster Obama/Bush created.Usually you get very little warning of an impending storm.Unless you're an Obama kool-aid drinker,there is ample evidence everywhere of what's coming.Sure,you will hear the Dow watchers proclaim that we have bottomed and "green shoots" are sprouting.However,30 industrial stocks don't make our entire economy.Bernanke is certainly not a viable prophet either.He has 250 economists on tap who didn't see this coming,at least publicly.Is it because they couldn't see the forest because of the trees as the saying goes?When you're hip deep in formulating policies which allowed these bubble/bust cycles to blossom,I suppose you wouldn't publicly acknowledge it,either.

Payday is assured,however.We all must pay for today's spending spree and it will start with the inflation tax.It might as well be as everyone will pay as prices expand across the economy,even the 95% Obama promised wouldn't see one.It could lead to hyper-inflation (really fast) or even stagflation (high unemployment mixed in).Nothing will kill any recovery faster than this so we will again revisit the problems of today.Many are lining up to declare we have reached a bottom in the stock markets,banking and housing.Don't be so sure because when the inflation bubble anchors itself to the economy,it will cause all of these problems to resurface.

Then we will face the stake to the heart.The devaluation of the dollar.Checkmate.The fiat money scheme of the Fed will run it's course and the policies of today are only buying time.This is when today's generation of people will get to experience what we've all read about in our history books but didn't think was real or could ever happen to us.Depression.I'm in no way qualified to predict how severe and when specific events will occur.But I do have common sense and can interpret what is really happening and not what politicians with an agenda are telling me.

Do yourself a favor and study a wide variety of history and opinions of economists and other educated people who lay out the causes of today's crisis.Don't rely on the figureheads who failed to tell you it was coming to tell you it's over.You will then have confidence in your evidence of what is really happening and not just fall in line with the sheep who simply want to get behind Obama and believe in him not based on facts.Make your adjustments to your life now and be prepared as much as you can for the fallout.More to come...

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