Friday, May 15, 2009

Some questions to ponder

Implosion seems to be gathering steam inside the Democrats seemingly impenetrable fortress.Pelosi is sliding down the slippery slope and everytime she opens her mouth it gets worse.Obama reversed course on waterboarding to save his political capital.Yet,Pelosi just can't help herself when going after Bush.Even the Dems are considering a truth commission which could be political suicide.I think that behind closed doors there are even a large number of Dems who wouldn't mind seeing Pelosi go down.The quest for power always consume it's victims eventually and her time seems to have come.

Obama will get a pass here due to his reversal,despite stunning most Liberals.One must keep in mind that with Obama,it's always all about him first,even if he has to dis his party.But as with any politician,he only has a limited budget of political capital to spend and he spends a little more with each agenda item not supported by the majority.

It's quite humorous to watch Obama now trumpeting fiscal conservatism telling us how debt will kill us.This coming from the largest accruer of debt in the history of the planet is the epitomy of the pot speaking to the kettle.But,when your agenda for today is massive cost cutting of medical benefits disguised as health care reform,it fits the bill.

A little more noise lately about the Fed.Ron Paul's audit the Fed bill is out there,of course.The always present abolish the Fed movement is in place.But,I even see more snippets in the mainstream media attempting to address the issue somewhat.Bernanke might have to break out his Oakley's because any sunlight shining on his party is unwelcome.Can you imagine having to be accountable?Returning to the gold standard?Eliminating fiat money?The Fed only values it's 200+ million ounces of gold at $42 an ounce.Maybe a tad low?

What's worse:Granholm as Governor or as a Supreme Court Justice?
What's worse:Obama lying about his true agenda and it's pricetag or actually knowing the bad news?
What's worse:The Government running GM and Chrysler thru the UAW or liquidation?
What's worse:Deficit spending to bailout companies (and supposedly save or create jobs) or allowing the short-term skyrocket rise in unemployment?
What's worse:A trade war (now underway-see Canada) or mandating buy American and sealing up overseas tax loopholes?
What's worse:Cherry as the next Governor with a Republican legislature or vica-versa?

Some questions maybe not so easy due to how far this country has slid left in policy.It's easy to say we always prefer limited Government,low taxes,strong defense,etc.But to correct the multitude of problems created by Liberal policymaking over the decades will be painful.So many Americans are now Government dependent and rising daily,there will be a tough road to hoe to convince them these changes are for the better.

Education as always is key to inform our youth of the price of liberty.The strong family foundations of the past are fading.Look at the Carrie Prejean backlash for something that wouldn't have raised an eyebrow previously.That idiot judge Hilton even had the gall to state that God's rules are not as important as America's laws.He may rot in hell,but it's alarming how far our values have fallen.

It's a tough choice like a bad baseball team.Do we rebuild from the ground up and be guaranteed to lose for the next few years,or go free agency and take a chance right now?Many thought a band-aid fix like electing McCain was the way to go by appeasing the moderates.How'd that work out?Colin Powell has joined this campaign to reform the party as have many others.Conservatives can't abandon the party and go it alone as they will then simply be a 3rd party movement.I know one thing.The change can't even start without a strong central leader to take the bull by the horns and Michael Steele isn't it based on his performance.More to come...

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