Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will you demand REAL change from your candidates?

You most certainly have read various accounts of the Obama nation taking us into Socialism,Marxism,Facsism,choose yours.If we question his motives,we are racist or Bush lovers.It's as if Americans think they can will the new administration into the right form of change if we just all get behind him.It comes down to what do you expect from your Government.

You're bad if you're a Liberal because you support cradle to grave,welfare style,government dependency programs.You're bad if you're a Conservative because you want to tax the poor,take away health care,pensions,unions,social security,etc.You're bad if you're a Centrist because you can't make a decision,like to ride the fence,don't stand for anything,etc.It appears if you fit into a label,you are bad.I think I've always known this,because I have always gone out of my way to not be labeled or cornered into someone else's designated category.

So,is the solution to be a one size fits all and make all the parties mad at you?Or blaze your own trail and make all the parties mad at you?Just doesn't work,does it?I think that gets to the heart of the problem.Everyone trying to fit in and be accepted and not make waves.That is certainly paramount with todays younger generation.They are constantly trying to get noticed and fit in by standing out whether it be crazy hair and clothes or their behavior.

My personal belief is that it still must start from our Founding Fathers.The Constitution lays this out.It provides the flexibility for us to express our individualism,yet at the same time guaranteeing our rights.You have the right to speak your mind,assemble with like minded people and petition your government for change or practice any religion you choose.However,everything must have this document as it's base.You can branch off the tree in all directions,but you can't damage the trunk or the tree will fall.

Neither major party is currently holding true to this standard.All 3 branches of government are at fault.The main fault of the Constitution is it is written with preventing Government from taking away individual rights in mind.It does not address mankinds primary fault of being easily corrupted into seeking power and influence over each other.We constantly seek out the loopholes and ways around the system.When put into such a position of authority as a politician,the opportunity to invoke one's own will instead of voting your constituents beliefs is simply too intoxicating.

I think the place to start is by removing the appeal of becoming a lifetime politician.The outstanding pay and benefits as well as other perks make it very desirable to make it a career.I don't believe this serves us well.Americans desiring to enter politics should do so out of a sense of duty and belief they can make a positive impact,not to seek financial reward.Term limits for all politicians and judges need to be implemented.Compensation should be excellent while performing service to this country as it is a very honorable duty.However,is it more so than serving in the military who are willing to give up their life?The compensation is not even comparable.And I don't agree with a lifetime of benefits after serving your term.Just as your reward for serving in the military,when you return to public life,you feel as if you have done your part in return for the freedom this country affords you.Constantly injecting new politicians into service that reflect their generations beliefs would be far superior than subjecting us to the disconnect we feel with career politicians who vote to get re-elected.More to come...

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