Saturday, December 6, 2008

New World Order underway?

Can OJ still search for the real killer in prison?

The blame game is getting quite interesting.Does it matter?If it's the Big 3 management at fault,they're not being replaced.What if it's Clinton or Dodd or Frank?Still making policy.Wall St. execs?They got their bailouts without the dog and pony show on Capital Hill.Obama promises change as he re-hires the Clinton gang.

The Illuminati crowd are really going to have some talking points.The money supply seems on track to be shifting to one currency.Obama will deploy his national police force.Israel is set to go it alone.The Fed running the markets is seen as a necessary evil due to the fear of what might happen.Gun sales are spectacular.

What is one to do anyway,really?Can you arm yourself sufficiently to stop it?Stash enough gold bars to weather the currency collapse?Wear a respirator 24/7 so you don't breath in the chem-trails floating overhead?Depending on your conspiracy theory of choice,can you inform everyone in time to save us all?

Maybe it will hold off long enough to just finish out our time in ignorance and not have to deal with it.I can't watch from the sidelines without making the effort.Maybe disbelief or pride or as Obama says,"The Audacity of Hope".I just don't share his vision of the future.Maybe if we all just do a little piece instead of facing Goliath alone.Teamwork.

I do believe I've managed to pick up enough of the pieces along the way while maintaining my healthy dose of cynicism to be a beneficial observer with a full 2 cents worth of opinion.I'll lay out my version of the Federalist Papers in no particular order as I go.More to come...

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