Thursday, December 25, 2008

Charities are the key to stopping the world's largest crime ring

More reports are surfacing about targeted charitable giving increasing.People who have are giving to the have nots across the country.

I think this is a key objective of my idea of how to take back this country.We must remove the Federal Government from it's self appointed role as entitlement distributor.You're simply eliminating the middleman.It's unconstitutional to boot.Congress was granted power to lay and collect taxes for the purposes of funding it's necessary roles.It was never granted power to create monstrous social economic programs and thus control taxpayer dollars for generations.

Charities need to become a focal point in America.This is where help to those in need should come from,not the Fed.A serious effort has never been attempted to organize and empower a national system of charitable aid.Not thru taxpayer dollars.Plans to eliminate SS,Medicare and Medicaid as well as unemployment and others should be outlined.

Americans have always been a giving people and love to support their causes.I say let's provide a structure for them to directly aid people they wish to help much more easily.The primary goal is to take away the power from Congress it has unjustly obtained.I fully support Americans helping the sick,disabled,impoverished,unemployed,etc.However,it doesn't work thru a beauracracy.

As I continue to draft my plan on Federal Government reform,charitable giving will be fully outlined as a necessary ingredient.I will release and promote this plan next year.By providing incentives,credits,and the ability to direct aid to those in need on a local basis,we can remove the largest crimelord in the country,namely the IRS and Congressional appropriations ringleaders.More to come...

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