Friday, December 19, 2008


Does it seem interesting that Congress isn't calling for Bush's head since he's using the TARP for everything but it's intended use?Why the Big3 are run over the coals and no one else?Why the Senate didn't approve the bridge loans even though they had the votes if all the Dems would have voted?Why?Why?Why?

The normal partisan politics don't appear to be playing out.A Democratic Congress won't help the UAW and union hater Bush will?Congress handing over the TARP funds to Paulson to use at his discretion?All Bush had to do was stay on the sidelines and tout that TARP funds aren't authorized for anything but financial institutions.Why?Why?Why?

Which conspiracy theory to attach to this one?Standard New World Order?One world currency?Illumunati?Aliens probably fit best because it's so out of whack.The same people that created it are in charge of fixing it.The same people that couldn't afford their homes are supposed to stay in them.Deja Vu?Even Yogi Berra wouldn't have a clue.

Need to do some more brainstorming on this one.More to come...

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