Monday, December 29, 2008

Facing the ugly truth

Based on Obama's own numbers,it's going to cost a quarter of a million dollars for each job created or saved.Any prudent business would say "no thanks,too costly".You can't escape the logic.If it makes sense to spend 1 trillion to stimulate the economy,wouldn't 2 be better?Wouldn't that really stimulate it?The answer of course is no.

But the truth is the bitter pill for the public to swallow.We must become fiscally responsible.We must GREATLY reduce spending.We must pass a balanced budget amendment.We must start paying down the debt to reduce the pathetic amount spent on interest.We must GREATLY reduce entitlement programs as these by far dominate the budget.This is the point you can't sell.The political suicide of any members pressing for it does not seem likely.

The Federal Government was never intended to serve this role as bailout for everything that doesn't work.We are a long way away from garnering the public support necessary to enact the drastic changes necessary to restore the Federal Government to it's role and stabilize the economy.But SS and Medicare,your day is coming.More to come...

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