Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama-are you warming the globe?

I sure hope that Obama takes into consideration the carbon footprint he's creating with his upcoming public works projects.I would think that road and bridge building would consume a large amount of fossil fuels.We must think "green" in all that we do.

Madoff is just small potatoes when it comes to Ponzi schemes.Social security/Medicare/Medicaid is approx. $53 trillion to date.Unfunded and totally reliant on new investors.Brought to you by your Liberal politicians.

We can thank Bill Clinton for his "Community Re-investment Act" for triggering todays mortgage derivative debacle.Baxter,Frank,Todd and other prominent Liberals have also enabled along the way.These are the same people attempting to rescue us?

As I understand it,banks don't want to lend money to risky investors.So how is throwing more bailout money at them going to make a difference?Makes as much sense as trying to keep people in their houses they couldn't afford.More to come...

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