Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trillions more out the door

The Illinois AG is looking to have the Governor removed because he's unfit for office?Why not most of the members of Congress?Their actions have proven them unfit,so it's not a question of if.The stench of cover-up is really starting to reek since the arrest was premature before the wrong people were exposed.

Another trillion,Obama?Why not,it's all just on paper,right?At least we'll have some really smooth roads.$335 trillion to the banks at the stroke of a pen.Trillions more out the back door unaccounted for.Yet,we only get 1 trillion?And the Big3 couldn't even get a paltry $14 billion?
The new math is so difficult for us older folks.Our biggest concern is where to get a Wii for under $300 this close to xmas.

It seems this economic bump in the road is nowhere near painful enough yet.Or people are too numb.Or people are too indignant,or indifferent,or ignorant,or...?What will it take for the masses to get ticked off at their elected officials and enact change?

I guess things must be put in a simplified context that all can understand.There is no end to really smart people that can provide a wealth of information showing how politicians are destroying this country.Yet,that doesn't connect with the average Joe (not the plumber).There are many influential personalities that can accomplish much with just a message to blind followers (Obama?).However,their time is fleeting due to changing events in the world and no one seems to be able to provide the central theme to unite the vast majority.More to come...

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