Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why is this the forgotten cause?

Todays list of causes for people to get behind are certainly wide ranging.Global warming,clean air,alternative fuels,anti-war,endangered species,race,etc.Celebrities as well as politicians lead the way in informing the rest of us why their cause is so important.Certainly,there is nothing inherently wrong with this as it has raised issues that many Americans were entirely unaware of.

However,I must raise my pet peeve.I believe that the majority of Americans don't stand up for their liberty.It's somewhere way down the list of value as many aren't taught it's importance or just assume it's a given.I see it as being under attack everyday from people and causes with other agendas.

The importance of our Constitution and the history surrounding it's creation should become much more of a priority both in school and with adults.As we continue to elect more politicians promoting change,the slow stripping away of our freedom will accelerate.One must be acutely aware of the fine print and sometimes blatant attempts to misguide.Revisionist history is a favorite method in school textbooks.

I can only imagine how few people can list the 5 freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution or the reasons for the Constitution in the preamble.Many view it as antiquated.The simple concept of having a bedrock of principles that can never vary is exactly what gives this document it's strength and has given this country such a long period of prosperity.The Founding Fathers had the foresight to realize future generations would have different values and cultures and thus made the provision to amend the Constitution as necessary.If everyone would simply teach it's value to their children,the results would be spectacular.One does not have to become an activist and confront the many opponents to freedom.Just take care of things at home.More to come...

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