Monday, December 22, 2008

New Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that when Government becomes destructive,the people have the right to alter or abolish it.When you take in the volume of Americans expressing dissent thru all types of media,it appears we're nearing that point.There are countless examples of politicians pandering to special interests or personal agendas rather than voting their constituents views.

How to determine if this is Democracy at work or misrepresentation?The recent economic crisis leans toward the latter.The TARP program was unsupported by the majority of Americans,yet Congress passed it.The Big 3 bailout was as well outside of Detroit,yet taxpayer dollars were also handed out.In both cases,we were told this was for our own good,that the system would fail if it wasn't done.

The point is that this was not the will of the people.The people seem to believe in free market principles more than the experts.They cite Herbert Hoover opposing Government intervention as intensifying the Great Depression.Yet,we have already seen the short term results from massive Government intervention,and it hasn't produced.And the long term ramifications of expanding Government are negative.

The bottom line is standard Government corruption.Anything that will erode the power base of politicians will be fiercely resisted.That 's why they are picking and choosing who to bailout.Americans must realize what is happening to them and act soon.We all don't have to grab our guns and head for the cellar yet.By educating others and exercising our rights,the real "change" promised by Obama can happen,just not as he envisions it.More to come...

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