Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Put your money where your mouth is!

Challenge to Congress.I'm tired of hearing your members dictate to me how I should live my life as an American.The notion of making policy based on your own views is not in the scope of the Constitution.I didn't elect you to be a leader and myself a follower of your agenda.You are elected to represent the views of the constituents in your district,no more,no less.

I propose that the Federal Government will be the test bed for enacted legislation.Since you and your followers have determined that you know what is right for us,here's your chance to show it's what's best for all Americans as any legislation you pass should.

You have decided I need nationalized healthcare.That it's patriotic to pay more taxes (Joe Biden).That we should spread the wealth (Obama).That we all need to measure and limit our carbon footprint and pay taxes on our carbon dioxide emissions.That we should never allow a company to fail.That I should receive SS and healthcare and college and daycare and everything necessary for cradle to grave reliance on Government.All of the necessary elements for Socialism.

So,I say we'll start with Congress and eliminate your salaries.You will be provided with food,shelter,clothing,schooling,healthcare,etc..All of this of course at the discretion of Government administrators that will decide how and when you get these things.You will have a job for life which is generally your goal as a politician anyway.

We want everything to be equal for everyone.No racism,inequality or anything else will exist to differentiate you from anybody else.This should be utopia for you!It's everything you're telling me I need.I will fully rely on my Government for everything and you will be there to provide it for me.All I have to do is give up my freedom....Not!

Sorry,this isn't April Fool's Day.It's the vision that the politicians you elected (not all of them just the vast majority) and keep electing want to put in place.Oh,there is one exception to this twisted scenario.I would exempt your volunteers in the armed forces from the rules as they are true heroes who are willing to give up their lives to keep this country free.They should be the ones with the outrageous salaries and benefits that members of Congress enjoy.

America,wake up!If you are voting this way,you are the true guilty party because you vote the same people in over and over hoping they'll somehow get it right this time.The ONLY way things will ever change is if you vote the bums out.This means Democrats and Republicans because they have to walk the company line to stay in their party.The parties won't allow rogue members to strip them of their power.You must vote for a 3rd party that is not in the pocket of lobbyists and special interests if you really want "change".More to come...

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