Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Epic rip-off in progress!

I watch my Lions make history at 0-15 and wonder at just how bad it's become.1 stage from the bottom.You descend down thru being disappointed to being upset to being downright mad to our current level of just laughing about it to keep your sanity.The only notch left is apathy where you simply don't care regardless of their record.Some are already there.

Our patience with the Federal Government is on a similar path.You hear the stories of banks that can't or won't account for their bailout money.Of the pathetic state of GM's market cap being worse than some retail stores.Of our politicians resembling the state penitentiary.On and on and on.What we do without late night comedian jokes about our current affairs?

I still contend the rip-off under way and soon to be expanded upon mightily by the incoming Messiah are of unprecendented proportions.Most will dismiss this as fear-mongering by right wingers.Personally,it makes me sick to my stomach to envision the world the liberals have in mind.An unexplainable mystery as to how one develops such a warped perspective on how life should be.

Can you classify it as simply as ignoring history?Many will scream this is socialism,marxism,facsism,communism,liberalism,new world order,etc.I don't think the vast majority of Americans could tell you the difference or exactly what this means.They simply prefer the Federal Government to be there for them whenever life throws a curveball.Sacrificing some liberty seems a worthy exchange.Yet,it never stops there.It won't this time,either.

I really do believe the availability of news and information will be the difference this time.It's not possible in this country any longer to spread that much dis-information and suppress dissent.In relative terms,we aren't anywhere close yet for any rebellious uprising to occur.But it is irreversible as the appetite for power and control is too much for those who aspire to it.More to come...

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