Friday, December 5, 2008

Bailout crisis solved!

We hear Americans are "bailout" weary.We are supposed to blame bad management of all these companies taking advantage of the Taxpayers piggybank.If all of these companies have bad management,where are their replacements?Is there a huge pool of jobless "good" management just waiting to swoop in and fix things?Somehow, I doubt this is true.The Big 3 are at fault because they were too busy making millions of SUV's with huge profit margins when they were supposed to be reading the tea leaves and forcing us to buy 4 banger gas sippers.Some hate the UAW members because of their excellent wages and benefits the Big 3 agreed to.Some will blame the EPA for fuel mileage and emissions standards as the cause.I'm quite sure that no one working the line at GM can equal the pay and benefits of a member of Congress.Who is to blame?We must have someone to blame or there isn't anything for us all to argue about.CEO's with golden parachutes?Wall St. execs who made fortunes prior to the crisis?Congressmen who instituted the policies allowing the mortgage derivative meltdown?

I'll start with my hand raised.I think it's us the taxpayers.We don't like to study history let alone current events to see when these things are happening to us.We can shake our fists at the tv and e-mail our favorite cable news shows to show our disgust.We can talk to our co-workers and buddies on the bowling league.Some may even go so far as calling their congressman to demand action.Anybody see this working?Of course not.Are we really going to expect the policy makers to do what's right for us the people even if diminishes their power?Of course not.

We as taxpayers have 2 ways to express our views.By voting at the ballot box and also with our dollar bills.In our supposed free market society,we determine which businesses succeed by where we spend our money.Do you really want "change" to come to America?The votes tallied say no.We can laugh at Joe the plumber, lipstick on a pig, spreading the wealth, tax cuts for 95% of Americans and on and on.If you see much difference between Republican,Democrat,increasing national debt,unfunded entitlement programs such as SS and Medicare/Medicaid,larger government,tax cut promises,unqualified candidates,etc.,than you and I are not looking at the same picture.

True change will start at the grassroots level regardless of the chuckling at the 3rd party "wackos".Enough people apparently aren't yet threatened enough to take any "drastic" action such as voting for their candidate who can't win.Don't want to upset the applecart and tell our friends,families,neighbors and co-workers how we really feel.Sure,there will always be alot of people quite content to let the government handle things from cradle to grave.That's more appealing than the alternative of the uprising required to really change things.

That's why I blame us for todays "crisis".If we don't speak up with our votes and our spending choices,things cannot change.Sit by and hope that the same people who created the mess will now fix it?Isn't that the definition of insanity?Can you look yourself in the mirror right now and say you're doing EVERYTHING you possibly can to change things?I can't, and I'm sure most if not all can't either.

Seems hard to believe enough Americans can step up to the plate and enact these changes.Who would have bet on us in 1776 to pull it off?I believe that America can return to our roots and stop the slide into the abyss,but we haven't got close enough to the edge of the cliff yet.More to come...

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