Sunday, December 21, 2008

Want to say you're from Michigan right now?

No shortage of dismal news if you're from Michigan.The list is too long to print.Not even very many stories of how strong our spirit is in these tough times.I must say I haven't heard one comprehensive plan for how to fix it.The usual fixes are touted by politicians and pundits.Just alot of finger pointing for blame on one hand and requests for help on the other.

Flint mayor Don Williamson fancies himself as a potential Governor.I just saw his comment placing the blame on Senate Republicans for voting down the aid package.Not the facts as I understand them,so he's just jumping on with most others to deflect blame.The Dems had the numbers if they would have all voted.

I read a study that declares that the tax structure is no longer the primary factor in business relocation.They claim higher taxes with money spent on infrastructure is the better way.An interesting concept,however,show me a major city with that success story.Obviously,low corporate taxes are only 1 area of consideration.Location,workforce availability and skill level,climate,infrastructure with access transportation access,available land,etc. are all aspects taken into consideration by any prudent business planner.However, I still contend the entire tax package of an area is of primary importance.

Corporate taxes,income taxes,property taxes,sales taxes,insurance,regulation,environmental concerns are still at the top of my list.When you incorporate all factors into your decision on where to locate your business and invest,Michigan simply hasn't measured up.Any number of studies will bear this out by the numbers.

Use any reasoning you wish to justify your claim.The simple fact remains that businesses are out to make the most profit they possibly can and that is the number one reason.Michigan simply doesn't rank in the top half of states with a favorable business climate overall.I find that people have difficulty in keeping their primary goal always on top when they make decisions,no matter what they are indulging in.

Will Michigan see a leader emerge that has both vision and the ability to lead others down the road to recovery?They haven't shown themselves yet.Go thru the list of prominent area leaders who could potentially take that step and you come up empty.So,for the time being anyway,no significant recovery awaits Michigan residents.How long will they stick around and wait?More to come...

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