Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jenny says don't blame me!

Granholm is spouting off about Senators who are un-American because they don't support the bailout involving her state.Every public opinion poll I've read shows overwhelming that Americans don't support these bailouts.Shouldn't these Senators votes reflect their constituents views?Governor,I think your level of arrogance seems to match that of the UAW.Simply because the votes don't go your way,it is not un-American.

Perhaps,you should have altered your high tax policies that discourage business in your State.I don't see where businesses have an incentive to make the sacrifices necessary for success when they know they can fall back on Uncle Sam's members to bail them out.Your background as a lawyer doesn't qualify you to run an economy and the results bear that out.

If you had taken responsibility years ago and instituted a favorable business climate,the southern states wouldn't have stolen your auto plants.Instead,you'll conveniently blame it on NAFTA and Bush.Thankfully,you're term limited and perhaps Michigan has hope for the future.More to come...

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