Monday, December 15, 2008

Detroit-job security central!

Detroit Lions now 0-14,on their way to history at 0-16.Yet,Coach Marinelli keeps his job.What does a guy have to do to get fired?It took Millen years of futility to pull it off.

GM CEO Wagoner has the stock going from $30 a share to $4 in a year along with $60 billion in debt.Can you say bonus time?

Gettelfinger appears to support seeing the Big 3 and thus the UAW go under rather than give up anymore right now.I don't think anyone can say the union workers have sacrificed much with more to come,but if it's gotten to the point of extinction if you don't re-negotiate,is there much to think about?He has thrown all his chips into the Fed coming thru,so for the thousands of workers who really take the risk,lets hope it works out.

Granholm has an absymal record as Governor,yet got re-elected.Same as local mayor of Flint,Don Williamson.And of course,Kwame in Detroit.

Results don't seem to matter in this state.Just talk a good game and you are on easy street.Obama is certainly the poster child of this.I see all of his programs from the economy to the green movement as just more tax and spend.I even hear the pundits of right leaning Fox saying you can't cut spending.I would equate Obamas stimulus package as simply re-arranging the furniture.Instead,you need to spend the money on an addition to increase value.All we will see is spending more taxpayer dollars on public works going to existing firms rather than the unemployed who need the jobs.

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