Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The world laughs at us!

Protocol used to be envy at the greatest free market system ever built-the U.S.A.!Countries around the world could only sit back and admire how successful we were and dream of someday becoming just like us.

My,how times have changed.Today,we are many things.A laughingstock,evil,responsible for the economic collapse,etc.None of it good.Our President travels the globe apologizing for us while at the same time managing to insult other cultures everyday.Biden is simply an embarassment and should just go hide in his bunker except that everyone now knows where it is.

Our energy policy is amazing to other countries.We refuse to utilize our natural resources while other countries help themselves to them just 50 miles offshore.European countries promote nuclear power and it's economic advantages.We stand pat.Our policy is to go "green" at the expense of saving green.

We are now left with only one true American car company left-Ford.Chrysler is now foreign owned and GM is now taxpayer owned.Just lump them in with Amtrak as a permanently subsidized Government entity.The new GM CEO states that this is his first rodeo when it comes to the car business.How reassuring.

Dealergate should be criminal but is just shrugged at.Obama is without question the driver behind this and the list was certainly OK'd by the White House.Fraud is rampant as usual.Barney Frank was able to save his district dealership to secure votes.Obama is today forcing the GM dealers to sign the wind down agreements or face punishment thru the removal of warranties for their inventory.

Michigan is toast.We are assured of double digit unemployment well into the next decade with the Government destruction of the automotive business.Add in the carbon tax for our coal dependent powerplants.Higher taxes,higher utility costs,higher prices,higher inflation,higher interest rates,higher unemployment-all coming to your neighborhood courtesy of Obama's social agenda.More to come...

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