Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Reform is needed here first

Reform seems to be the buzzword lately.How about a few suggestions on elected officials?
I can't think of anyone we trust less than those we have entrusted with our tax dollars.

I would start with annual audits of every elected and appointed official at all levels of Government.The IRS is certainly here to stay for awhile.We groan but haven't shown the necessary outrage to dismantle it.So let's make the best use of it's agents and make sure they are auditing the people that need it most.Sort of like the death penalty,maybe a little deterrence would help in making these people think twice.

I love Thomas Sowell's idea of moving election day to April 16th so that writing your check to the IRS is fresh on your mind at the ballot box.I would even go one step furthur and move election day to April 15th so you cast your ballot at the same time you are paying the IRS.A one stop shop with computer access in the ballot box with candidates voting records and financial disclosures displayed for you as you vote.Talk about shock and awe!

Certainly,term limits and part-time legislatures are a given.Lifetime pensions and healthcare go bye-bye as well.These positions need to be returned to what they were intended-public servants.Just like the military,only those who heed the call to serve will do so out of a sense of duty knowing full well the scrutiny they will face and that it will only be temporary.Should they be paid well while serving?I have no problem with that,only that it's not a career position.Besides,good public servants will reap rewards in the private sector later.

I think any reforming of our Government must start here.Electing public servants who have good motives will allow reforming all other areas needing complete overhaul.More to come...

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