Sunday, June 21, 2009

Open letter to the President

President Obama,

We live in the land of opportunity,not the land of dependency

Our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values despite your revisionist claims

Self-accountability is a virtue

Re-making America to fit your ideology is a minority view

The Constitution should be revered and upheld,not simply referenced as a part of history

America was not founded to be part of a global community,it stands apart as a beacon of freedom
and liberty and justice that the world can aspire to rise up to

Your sworn duty is to uphold the Constitution wholly in it's entirety and you are bound by the law of the land

These are just a few points that you have demonstrated to have little regard for thus far in your term.America still is the greatest country in the world.You are attempting to mold it in your extremist views.Certainly you are aware that the majority of Americans don't hold your views.We are a very resilient people and others like you have come before and been rejected.Your day is coming as well.Maybe even you can learn the true spirit of the American people who treasure our reason for being more than changing our culture to fit your views.No American agrees with every facet of what our make-up is nor should we.

We believe that we have no right to another persons property or wealth.We have no obligation to support every possible variation of our culture.We are tolerant and allow these differences,but the majority rules in this country.The variety of minority views and cultures are encouraged ,yet not allowed to dictate how the majority conforms.

We don't want a one class society.We aren't obligated to provide everything for everybody.Compassion and charity are virtues of our citizens.They freely flow more than any other part of the world.But they must remain a product of free will.The American citizen enjoys giving more than receiving.This is not my opinion,it has been proven generation after generation.You will destroy it if you attempt to force it upon people.

The bottom line is we wish to keep America free.We prefer opportunity over obligation.We prefer reward over welfare.We believe that people can achieve their best when they have the opportunity and choice to pursue it.Creating dependency and providing an eternal low standard of living actually kills the human spirit and will to succeed.Your goal of permanent dependency to maintain power has backfired on every dictator and oppressive Government that has ever attempted it thru the history of mankind.Study your history more and less of those who promote ideological views of society.

America became the greatest country on the planet because of the ideals of the Founding Fathers.It will succeed despite your efforts to ignore this.More to come...

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