Monday, June 8, 2009

Destruction of business-Obama style

I must admit that I didn't pay as much attention in my youth to political events,but it just seems that the news cycle has never been so high on a daily basis for so long,apologies to WW newscycles.

The daily barrage of the destruction of the free market by Obama is breathtaking.

GM is permanently damaged as supported by the latest Rasmussen poll.

Delta Dental is now forced to do a 180 from their 2008 expansion plans as their UAW plan goes away.

Obama/Granholm couldn't get it together for the stimulus road money costing Michigan $740 million in funding.Simply no way to divert some money from any other pet projects you've put in place to come up with matching 20% Jenny?

Microsoft will not be bushwacked into paying the higher U.S. corporate tax rate by Obama closing this tax "loophole" as part of his PR grab.More jobs lost thru high taxation.

Just a few examples of a President willing to implement agenda at any expense.Everyone was forewarned,unfortunately less than half listened and we now all pay the price.More to come...

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