Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Prisoners wanted

Granholm is offering our prison space to the Terminator?Wasn't she just begging for Gitmo prisoners as well?Is she aware that Arnold is issuing IOU's?Don't we need to actually raise revenue to continue operating these prisons?Will the creditors that need to get paid to operate the prisons accept IOU's?

I've got an idea.How about turning these prisons over to the private sector?Rather that constantly searching for ways to keep the size of Government inflated,let's reduce it and save the taxpayer money.

Round 2 of the tea parties is this weekend.I still think the focus needs to shift.Taxes are not the end all.Spending is.If Government doesn't have enough tax revenue available,they simply deficit spend and we get the situation we have today with states going bankrupt.If you raised taxes 1,000%,they would spend 2,000%.If you reduce the taxes,the Government programs still remain and any new revenue is used to create more.It's a bottomless pit.The only way to reduce our tax burden is to strictly control the spending.More to come...

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