Monday, June 22, 2009

90,000 jobs since June 8th?

It was Monday,June 8 when President Obama proclaimed he would "save or create" 600,000 jobs this summer because of his stimulus package.That's 6,000 per day for the 100 day period.We are now at day 15 meaning we should be up to 90,000 so far.Anyone see any evidence of this?

Maybe he's using the same calculator that Jenny uses when she just announced the 11,000 new jobs the other day.Of course,her prediction is spread out over several years and history has shown this prediction is likely to fail as the MEDC claims always do.

I know I should be more positive here.Obama has saved 150,000 jobs so far and will save 600,000 more this summer.Our 9.4% national unemployment rate would be much higher were it not for these 750,000 jobs saved by the stimulus.There,I feel much better now.More to come...

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