Monday, June 1, 2009

Pregnant?You're a bondholder!

New child on the way?Congratulations!Now is the time to plan ahead and make sure your child is ready to face the world.Here is a helpful checklist of items to assist you.


Yeah,unfortunately,that last little tip is your childs share of the Federal debt obligation which is currently $56.4 trillion and counting.The good news is that Obama is currently considering the VAT tax to help subsidize the cost of health care along with his health care reform package which will save even more money by eliminating benefits for enrollees.52.7% of voters said this is what they want.Unfortunately,what they want costs me and my family their future as well.So if you have to decided to be so irresponsible as to bring a child into this world,just think of them as a Government bond with their share of the debt already built-in.More to come...

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