Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Granholm should step down ASAP!

The time has come for our Governor to step aside.For the good of the state and it's citizens.Years of failure and false promises,poor planning and bad policy.We are dead last nationwide and the gap is widening.Some may argue that California is even worse.I think they are ahead of the game because they are being forced to face their demons on July 1st when the state goes broke and defaults on it's debts.Provided,of course that Obama doesn't bail them out.

I think that even waiting until she's term limited out next year is too long.She has her sights set on a place with the Obama administration and is spending her time on national issues of global warming and health care.We need drastic action immediately and her agenda will only make it tougher to achieve.Sure,I understand this will never happen.

I don't think the majority realize the gravity of our plight and just how much worse it's going to be by the end of next year.So many still want to buy into the auto industry destruction as being the primary cause.I was a tea party attendee and love the idea.But the tax revolt is just a small step.The spending is the real demon anyway.

However,I think the focus must move to removing the inherent causes which is politicians themselves.The Republicans will never get the overwhelming power the Democrats enjoy right now with both houses of Congress,The White House,the judicial system and the media.It will never happen because the Republicans would have to inflict great pain to correct what has transpired and is yet to occur.Keeping up positive consumer confidence and results at the polls is the holy grail.

Reform will have to go to the very core and this is where public support will exist.Let's hope that when the incumbents get run out of town in 2010,the Republicans who benefit realize the key point.The Democrats won on the "hope and change" false promises.It was the standard rejection of the current administrations policies and not an endorsement of the incoming administration.This will be the same in 2010.It will be a rejection of Liberal failures.However,the Republicans won't have a mandate and must prove that things will really change.Actions will have to be decisive and quick.They had better get term limits and a whole host of changes enacted that will prevent Government growing and vastly reduce it's power.If not,they will not last long and we'll be right back here again.More to come...

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