Saturday, June 6, 2009

County wide school districts?Bad idea!

I have read a few calls for county wide school districts.While this may sound promising on the surface,it is a poor idea in reality.These are private enterprise solutions.It makes perfect sense in a business environment to consolidate and take advantage of the cost cutting benefits.

To put it simply,when has enlarging any Government bureaucracy ever succeeded?Giving a school board greater authority on a county wide basis is just asking for trouble.It's the same as comparing Government at the Federal level to a local level.Bigger Government never works better.Elected officials always serve our interests better when their authority is limited as a safeguard in how much damage they can do.Just imagine your frustration at trying to recall a rogue member of a single district and then giving them more influence on a county wide basis.

I absolutely commend people for raising these alternative ideas,however.It's just that these days find us in uncharted waters politically.Government expansion must be checked at all levels.You now see the White House skirting accountability by appointing czars to perform important oversight functions.They issue Executive Orders at any given whim to legislate from the Oval Office bypassing the Congressional check and balance.Judges that legislate from the bench are being put in place with virtually no opposition.

I certainly don't claim to have all the answers.However,I have seen countless examples of why bigger Government is simply bad for it's citizens.I would hope that people will develop solutions that take this into account when reforming programs such as our broken Dept. of Education.More to come...

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