Sunday, June 28, 2009

Build it and they will come?

Today the 100 state troopers face the axe from Granholm.Make no mistake,she alone is responsibile for snuffing out their careers before they start and creating untold hardship for their families.All to reward her longtime friend and heavy Dem financial supporter,developer Joel Ferguson.

Gee,I wonder if the good developer could find it in his heart to employ these state troopers on his future construction projects?Seems only fair that they benefit in some way from the creation of the unwanted MSP headquarters which is destroying their careers simply for a political payoff.

Granholm has no concern for this senseless act coming back to haunt her as she is out next year anyway.Ferguson has covered his bases by contributing to Republicans as well as Dems to divert the ethics angle.

Ray Kinsella answered the voice inside him to plow his crops under and build a baseball field in Field of Dreams.This has more of the look of a nightmare.

Here's a salute to the good men and women who serve the MSP and are caught in the middle of corrupt politics.More to come...

2 comments: said...

The Governor and each of the Democrats in the Senate who voted last week to protect this boondoggle should be ashamed of themselves.

And they should be held accountable come 2010.


Anonymous said...

Seems there was a "blue flu" on Sunday. We returned from Burt Lake on Sunday and did not see one State Police car on the roads. When we went up on Friday we saw nine cars between Lansing and Indian River. They voted to keep their office funds intact but voted against our public safety. I hope this building sits in the middle of Lansing and rots!!!