Friday, June 19, 2009

Michigan troopergate?

You remember Sarah Palin had "troopergate" during the election?It appears Granholm has her own version and this one doesn't appear to fade away so easily.Political payoffs can have a heavy price as Monica Conyers is about to learn.

Granholm is claiming the commitment is unbreakable to lease the new MSP headquarters.As rock solid as the automaker bondholders were in bankruptcy?The trouble is she doesn't have to worry about re-election or she may reconsider the value of sticking to her political payback.

I also have to wonder why a proposal is in the works to add 2,500 more inmates to the existing Baldwin,MI facility when we are closing prisons.

You should also check out the financial reform proposal Obama is promoting.Page 69 will simply astound you.The Community Re-investment Act,widely regarded as the genesis of the housing bubble,is not only being saved but expanded under the new rules.This clearly meets the definition of insanity.More to come...

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