Monday, March 29, 2010

Anything but the economy

Healthcare?Done.Or not,since Obama chooses to taunt the GOP to "go for it" and make repeal the central focus of the mid-terms.So we'll keep arguing.

Next step?A surprise visit to Afghanistan.All of a sudden,the war is a priority again.What's going to be next?

The pattern we're seeing is anything but the economy,stupid.Obama does not want to make it a focal point so we will see a variety of issues rise up to center stage.When you have no plan and no answers,you must try to divert attention elsewhere.

When the federal government enacted the legislation that allowed the housing bubble to balloon,most of us were not cognizant of what was happening.In fact,we got our re-assurances from the Barney Franks of the world that Fannie and Freddie were doing just fine.Everyone knows different now and we've been able to determine that the government created,allowed and encouraged it.

The left will claim the opposite.That it was simply the greedy banksters.No blame goes to the government or the irresponsible homeowners.Standard lefty reasoning.

Now we've been able to witness first hand the genesis of the next great bubble.The dependency bubble.The Obama health care debacle will create the single largest expansion of the population that will depend on government wholly.They will not be able to progress out of the trap laid because earning more income will reduce their subsidies making it pointless to try.

Unemployment is moving in the same direction with literally years of benefits now available which totally disincentives one to dig their way out of their hole.Why get off the gravy train when it's free and seemingly never ending?

All of these will pale with what is waiting in the wings.Cap and trade and the VAT tax.Far worse than health care.Health care is one sixth of the economy.Cap and trade will affect at least 99% of what industry produces.We will all pay,including the poor,with higher prices.The VAT tax will have a similar effect as it will be simply tacked on top of the sales tax rather than replacing it as it was designed to do.

Once our costs of goods and services gets fantastically more expensive,many more will join the ranks of the dependency nation.Throw in the millions of illegals that Obama will grant amnesty to as also going straight to the dependency crowd and we will have the majority of our population depending on our government for all of their basic needs.

Try to find enough conservative candidates who will have to sell self-reliance,responsibility and accountability to that crowd that is on the gravy train.Not going to happen.When we hear that these next election cycles are the most important in the history of our country,it is not overstated at all.We are already well past the tipping point on dealing with the debt.We sit on the tipping point of our liberty.What will you do to make a difference?More to come...

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