Friday, March 5, 2010

Michigan gets an 'F' for race to the top money

The state of Michigan was bypassed in the first round of the race to the top funding.This is the $4 billion grant program for state education programs.16 states were selected in the first round by a panel using a point ratings system based on the states application.

Michigan sent in their application at the deadline and some wonder if this is the reason we were passed over despite the massive funding issues for education in this state.The MEA,Michigan education association,dragged their feet in signing off claiming they didn't have adequate time to review the application.Finger pointing will be on full display now.The second round application is due on June 1st.

I read the recommendations for the budget.Michigan is a category 2 state meaning the Dept. of Education is recommending our budget request be in the $200 to $400 million dollar range.The Michigan budget request came in at $526,274,787.How about that?Even when we are asking for handout money,we go over budget.I don't know if this was a deciding factor in Michigan being passed over,but you'd think the state would have kept the request in the stated guidelines for the most positive consideration.The reviewers comments and scores will be posted later,so maybe we'll find out at that time.More to come...

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