Monday, March 22, 2010

America fundamentally transformed-as promised

There are few times in your life when you witness historical events that will forever live in infamy.Passage of the health care reform bill certainly qualifies.Barack Obama will now be remembered as the father of socialized medicine.Like FDR and the New Deal,this will be written about and analyzed forever.One cannot overestimate just how profound an effect this will have on each of our lives.

You'll probably never again see so divisive an issue pass on the slimmest of margins,yet will affect every single citizen.There is a misconception that our elected officials will vote reflecting the will of their constituents.Rather,they vote for what they believe.This is why it is said that elections have consequences.Those of you who voted for Obama and his message of hope and change,this is what he meant.And there will be more to come.

Of course,the bill doesn't add up.Half a trillion in tax hikes to be offset by half a trillion in Medicare and Medicaid cuts is reform?Just as with the stimulus,you'll find out why it can't work after the fact.Those of you who believe that it was simply the fault of the evil,greedy corporations will see first hand just how badly the government can run a program.Every single entitlement program they have ever created is insolvent,inefficient and filled with fraud,waste and abuse.

10 years of taxes for 6 years of benefits.We must prepay for 4 years to build enough revenue to fund the program.Do you really believe that they will just leave that fund alone and not reallocate it for other uses?Fools.Go visit the Treasury website and see what's left in the Social Security and Medicare trust funds.Unfortunately,it's people like me that will have to forever pay the price along with you.With socialism,everybody pays,willing or not.More to come...

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