Thursday, March 25, 2010

Poor mans affirmative action

I would equate the health care law as the poor mans affirmative action.That's really what it is.It's easily understood by a growing number of Americans how the progressive movement has steadily evolved over the last century.It's been a slow creep.Just like Al-Qaeda,they learned to be patient long ago and bide their time,taking a little bit at a time.Stealing our liberty,for our own good mind you,is not accomplished overnight.

We've now reached the tipping point where they can no longer contain themselves and want to sprint toward the finish line.With the ideologue-in-chief at the helm,they can make huge strides in the next couple of years.The GOP can talk about repeal and replace all they want,but they won't have veto override strength no matter what the outcome of the mid-terms.

Obama will now plow headfirst into amnesty,climate change,financial reform,card check and the VAT tax.Those are the main components left on his plate to provide the progressives all the tools they need.I think the right is far too short-sighted today.The belief is that if we can just get 40 back in the House and a couple senators,we can reverse course and save the country.

Why can't they pay attention to the lessons of the past?The left owns the media,the courts and academia.Simply installing Boehner as Speaker will not accomplish anything,just more gridlock.Sure,we must move in the right direction,but baby steps are now too late.

To my main point,we are already at the point of half the country producing and the other half dependent.Maybe worse already,but certain to become worse soon.Just as the blacks in this country are held down by the appeal of affirmative action,so will the dependency nation.The public will not have the stomach to cut the cord and tough it out without the government safety net.And the GOP has already shown it doesn't have the political will to be the parent and do what's right for the children (the public).They can talk repeal all they want,but they will cave just like Stupak.

Can you imagine the feeling in the pit of your stomach when the day of realization hits you that all of the conspiracy nuts were right?And it's too late to reverse course?That's been the course all along.Never overreach so much as to give the people no choice but to react.You must take into account the whole picture to put the concept into perspective.Revolution will be the only option left.More to come...

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