Sunday, March 14, 2010

Does your party have the right plan?

President Obama is leading the way continually telling us that we must tax the rich more.The IRS has released results from the 2008 tax year which show why this isn't enough.Over 51 million filers paid zero federal taxes or even received a refund.We have 305 million citizens in this country.142 million filed a tax return.This means that 163 million didn't file and 214 million total paid NO federal income tax.This doesn't factor in the illegal aliens living here that don't file either.Estimates vary from 11 million to up to 20 million.The bottom line is that over 70% of the people living in this country pay NO federal income tax.

Try to imagine a scenario where 7 out of 10 people contribute nothing toward the bottom line.That's a recipe for failure.To say that those 3 people need to pay an even larger share of the burden is simply wrong.The focus needs to be on reducing the overall burden on the 30% of Americans that are supporting the other 70%.In other words,not on raising taxes,but on cutting spending.Neither major political party is interested in this despite the political posturing supporting it.Actions speak louder than words couldn't be more fitting than in this case.

For the first time since the 1930's,Americans are actually receiving more money from the government than they are paying in.An average of $260 for every U.S. resident.This means that we get more money thru programs like social security and unemployment than is taken in from taxes.Another unsustainable formula.When we receive more money back than is paid in thru personal income taxes and payroll tax withholding,it can't work.

So far,we have 30% paying for the other 70% and we are taking out more than we are paying in overall.This is not rocket science.The news is filled with stories showing that we need more money for schools,roads,police,fire,etc.You name it and no one has enough funding.Just as every cause is important to somebody.Maybe not you,but someone else thinks so.I haven't even mentioned the debt yet either.Let's just say that with a $12 trillion dollar debt and tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities,it is overwhelming.

The facts are that the population is always increasing.That a smaller percentage of it is carrying the tax burden.That the needs of the non-paying portion are increasing.The Democrat solution is to make the smaller percentage of the population,otherwise known as the rich,pay an even greater share to balance the burden.The Republican solution is to spread the burden across a larger percentage of the population to balance the burden.The facts are that neither side has succeeded in implementing a plan that pays for what Congress spends.

The decisions we make as voters are getting more vital each election.It's easy to see that the path we're on is unsustainable.And there isn't a single entitlement program or other use of tax dollars that isn't important to somebody.The fact remains that the money going out exceeds the money coming in and that imbalance is rapidly going to get worse.Is your party and your candidate going to fix it?Do you know what their specific plan is to do it?If you continue to vote for the same old message from the same old two parties that have shown they can't deliver,you have the definition of insanity.Better have that checked out.More to come...

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