Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jobs bill vote exposes the hypocrites

Many argue that there is no practical difference between the 2 parties.The recent flare-up over Sen.Bunning effectively blocking the jobs bill is a prime example of this.Make no mistake,this was all about politics,not trying to deprive the little guy of his unemployment extension.That's the Democrat spin,but it's not what was really going on.

Bunning was absolutely 100% correct in taking the stand that he did and he exposed the other 99 senators as hypocrites.Even though 18 eventually voted no with him,they would not have his back prior to the vote.They just passed the silly paygo rules that Obama wanted to make a show of fiscal responsibility.This was not necessary as they have no constitutional authority to deficit spend anyway,so the paygo pledge is irrelevant.

Bunning was merely forcing the senators to take a vote and go on record as being hypocrites.Senate majority leader Harry Reid made the decision to force this bill thru without debate and he wanted the 100-0 commitment prior to bringing it to the floor to pass it.Obama is also in the hypocrite camp as he has already signed it.

Only a portion of it is "paid" for and this is why Bunning objected.The vote was 78-19.Three didn't vote.All 19 nays were republicans.The bottom line is Bunning got no support from the republicans who let him hang out to dry because their internal focus group polling decided this was a political loser.So much for standing on principle.This whole debacle shows that in some areas,there really is no difference between the parties.If the American voters believe they can simply install republicans back in office this fall and then see a change in our governments spending habits,they are fools.More to come...

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