Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worker time bomb battle brewing

There is a brewing battle that promises to be very divisive and may lead to some very unfortunate circumstances.It's the public vs. private worker.As public employee employment continues to rise at the expense of the private sector workers,this is a powder keg waiting to ignite.

The national unemployment rate is still near 10% officially.The actual number is much higher when you include workers who have stopped receiving benefits,or stopped looking for work,or are underemployed.There is frustration mounting when these people see expanding government workers who are paid by taxpayers,including those unemployed private sector workers receiving benefits.

It's an extension of the haves/have nots class warfare.Like the scab workers that cross union picket lines to work for less money.Only in this case,they are making even more money as the gap between private sector and public sector compensation is rapidly widening.

State and local municipalities,cities,and townships are all starting to be pinched.Public pensions are vastly underfunded and will break the backs of budgets across the country.This year will start the expected avalanche of bankruptcies as the stimulus bailout funds will no longer prop up the budgets.

This is the trigger for the other shoe to drop that will send this country back into recession as the domino effect will spread.Obama has been ignoring the economy and the jobs issue since he took office.Instead we focus on the stimulus,which is just a slush fund of political payoffs and band-aid budget fixes,health care and climate change.

The federal reserve is also promoting the theory of buying time until everything just gets better on it's own.The results from these policies of ignorance promise to be catastrophic to our country.The uncertainty of late 2007 when the banking world was about to melt down will be replaced with the certainty this time that all of the toxic garbage must be flushed out.It won't be pretty.

I'm afraid that those public sector workers will be targeted as the private sector looks on with envy while their struggles go on and on.Watch your back if that's you because desperate people will want heads to roll and if you still have a job you will be viewed as part of the problem.Elections have consequences.Socialism has consequences.More to come...

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