Monday, April 26, 2010

Quest for power

Power.A word with different meanings to different people.To elected officials,it is the ultimate intoxicate.They become subservient to it's draw.An irresistible quest for more.Virtually no one is immune to it in the public sector.It defines them and their actions.It aids us in understanding what motivates these people.

Particularly,these days when we see our elected officials making rash decisions and setting policy that absolutely flies in the face of what their constituents desire.It explains why the person we elected,and possible even knew personally,goes off in another direction once in office.

Today it's Obama.He's merely the current occupant of the throne.His critics,and I am most definitely one of them,tend to underestimate him.Just discount him out of hand as a community organizer who has never held a real job.However,he has a unique set of qualifications to fill a niche.It worked in 2008 and to what extent it can again in 2012 is the $64,000 question.

It is vitally important to understand the role of power as a motivator.The man on the street and the expert alike can be easily confused by events that occur if you don't factor this in.Especially when attempting to decipher the policies of the Obama administration.

It's not the money.While money is no doubt a huge motivator,it's what money brings along with it.Power.Influence.A means to an end.Once you become wealthy and lack for nothing in material goods,people find that empty feeling that money can't fill.Thus the term,money can't buy happiness.I know,people without money say they would still like to die trying,but it's usually true for those with it.

Power is a true lust.A lust in meaning that it can't be fulfilled.There is no lasting value.Once you get it,you always lust for more.An unquenchable desire.There is no lasting satisfaction from obtaining it on a temporary basis.Kind of like pistachios.I mean,who can eat just one?

This is the driver for the Obama agenda.It is behind all of his policies.Everything is designed to create a dependency nation who will perpetually re-elect the same party thus keeping the flow of power going.To those who have studied his influences,it's crystal clear.

It's easy to see when you review his track record.Every major issue has focused on it.I see so many people whether on the street or on tv who discuss what he does and question his motivations.Why would he intentionally make us weaker?Why would he keep spending money we don't have?Why does he focus on this issue when millions of Americans are out of work?

The quest for power answers all these questions.People spend far too much time deciphering the details while leaving out this core driver.Take the stimulus.Maybe you ask why money is going to a seemingly unimportant project that won't create any jobs.But take another look at it.Does it go to reinforce public sector jobs?Union jobs?An environmental cause?

It becomes quite clear at that point.Spend money in areas that will support those who support his party thru financial means or in other ways.If you lose focus on the quest for power,than you find yourself just wondering if he's listening to the wrong advisors or is somehow just misinformed.No,he's doing exactly what he wants to do.

Many people will simply discount an idea like that out of hand.They'll never believe that he could do things that don't have our best interests in mind.Those type of naive people are lost.If you can't keep an open mind,you are doomed to suffer the consequences.

This has nothing to do with race.No big conspiracy theory of Obama meeting in the dead of night with secret societies plotting the takeover of the world.Just an observation of human traits.One of our great weaknesses as a race.We are extremely susceptible to motives of greed,lust and power.

Now look at health care.At the stimulus.At financial reform.At immigration reform.At cap and trade.It all makes perfect sense.All programs designed to make government bigger and stronger and make us more dependent on it with the payoff being that we will remember on election day who did the most for us.

We are more socialist today than we were in 1947 with the New Deal in place.Milton Friedman,the great economist,also holds this position.The New Deal planted a footing,which is still firmly in place,upon which we are building upon now.Government regulation has never in history been higher.There have never been more social programs in place.Both are growing everyday.

This is why I say we seem to underestimate Obama.He knows the best way to accomplish his agenda is by deception.Spend money first,then leave higher taxation as the only alternative to pay for it.Provide government assistance to all for nearly every conceivable reason,knowing that we can't turn away from that assistance later.

Equality for all.Fairness for all.Opportunity for all.Save the planet.All rallying cries that people can't take exception with.If you do,you become an easy mark for ridicule.The thinking has always been that he will over-reach.That he will attempt to grab too much power too quickly and that this will be his downfall.

Don't fool yourself any longer.The quest for power is unquenchable.The lengths that man will go to keep it are extreme.Don't underestimate the threat to your freedom and your way of life.Obama is taking to the highest level yet.He has mastered the art of deception and knows how to play us against each other.While we concentrate on the battles amongst ourselves,he is slowly but surely winning the war.More to come...

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