Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free will and rights

These two subjects may seem completely different,yet they tie into together nicely.Do we really have free will?What are our natural rights?Well,they come from the same source.I,as a Christian,believe in God as the Creator.Certainly,many of you may not.That is not the intent of this post.Sorry,you'll have to stick with my beliefs for this one.This is not intended to influence your choices in life,only to illustrate how intertwined the two are.

I have had this discussion in various forms with many different people over the years.Suffice it to say that no one has ever given me a credible alternative to what I believe.I believe that we do not truly have free will.Freedom to completely make the decisions in our lives without bias.Good or evil.Many believe we do.That you decide the course of your life here on earth.

I say if you believe in God and the bible as scripture,you cannot also hold the view that you have true,free will.God has a master plan for all of his domain.The entire universe and it's inhabitants.The human race has a pre-determined destiny.Our fate is set in stone.Down to the minute.How,when and where.Unfortunately for us,only God knows these details.No one else knows the end date despite many who claim they do.

With this in mind,the only way this is possible is for God to have complete control of every facet of his universe.There cannot be any unknown factors which may alter the endgame.For any of us to have the ability to execute free will and impact others would jeopardize this.A madman could instigate a nuclear war triggering a world ending scenario.

The fact is that your actions impact others.For every action,there is an equal reaction.Simple physics.This is why I don't believe it is possible for free will as I could forever alter destiny for myself and others based on my actions.I believe we are simply allowed to think that we are making these choices on our own thus believing we have free will.Think about it.God had the ability to create all of this.It's on a scale we can hardly comprehend and so much of it we cannot.He could certainly have allowed us to feel as though we are 'in charge' of our lives.

The only way to guarantee an outcome at a predetermined time and place is to have complete control.So feel free to continue on with your beliefs.If you disagree,well I believe that was intended as well.By the way,you absolutely should continue on living your life and doing what you believe to be the right thing.Just do so in the knowledge that you are simply fulfilling your role in a much larger plan.

With the debate over health care,the question has been raised if it is a right.Clearly,it is not.Similar to free will,a right executed by one individual cannot infringe on another individuals ability to execute their right.In the case of free will,if I shoot you dead,I have eliminated any choice you have negating it.In the case of a right,the only way I get guaranteed health care is for another person or more to pay for it.That infringes on their life meaning it simply cannot be a right.

Opportunity is often confused with a right.We have many opportunities afforded to us by the fact that we live in a free country.But they are just that,opportunities.No guarantees of success.Our rights are extended to us by God meaning they cannot be taken away.Health care can be taken away.As are many things we want every person to have based on moral and ethical grounds.

Studying this led to me to another conclusion which baffled me for years.It's commonly thought that we must ask for salvation to get to Heaven.If you don't,you don't get in.I wondered than how do people in unique situations ever get to Heaven.Say a child who dies immediately after birth.Someone born brain dead.Retarded.Deaf.Some mental capacity which limits them.What if they live in a very rural area without a church?You can think of many scenarios where one may never hear the word of God in their life.

My conclusion was that we are all born going to Heaven.You can only screw it up.This is the only way to explain how these people can still go despite having never heard the word of God.If you do hear it and reject it,you go to Hell.Very simple.

That's why I tie all this in together.There are only a few things guaranteed to us at birth.These rights are permanent and indisputable.If I exercise my right,I in no way will infringe on yours.Free will is a myth.Life will present us with many choices.We decide in our minds which path to take,yet a higher power is guiding that choice unbeknowst to us.

Some of us do have a true choice to make in life.Whether or not we accept the word of God.This is a real choice,true free will if you will.It is a right in that God has guaranteed us acceptance into Heaven if we accept His word.More to come...

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