Friday, April 30, 2010

Al Gore should thank BP

Al Gore must be beside himself with joy.He has been the punchline of jokes for months now with global warming being fully exposed as a fraud.He's been getting ambushed for interviews and resorted to throwing critics out of his speeches despite the bad press.

Once in awhile,even when things look their bleakest,you get a gift.Enter the BP oil rig disaster.This has the look of infamy.The reports are now shifting to underestimating the full impact.The Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska is about to get knocked off its throne as the worst environmental disaster in our nations history.

The environmentalists have to be just ecstatic.They needed something huge to get the climategate scandal off the front page and they got it.The White House has already made clear that their recently announced plans for exploratory offshore drilling off the U.S. coast are in jeopardy.

It's too early to tell yet which direction they will go.Do they simply take advantage of the disaster to implement ever greater federal regulation over the oil drilling industry?Or do they go all in and use it to push climate change and replace fossil fuels with green alternatives?

Either way,it will result in higher energy costs for the consumer.Take that to the bank.Obama is already trumpeting that BP will pay for all of the clean-up,even though Transocean operates the rig and was also in charge of the safety measures.This includes the blowout preventer which failed.

The conspiracy theorists are already at full steam ahead trying to tie the Rainbow Warriors to this event.The first lawsuit was already filed just 36 hours after the fire started.The investigations will take years and the insurance payouts probably decades.I've no doubt that BP has been added to Al Gore's Christmas card list.More to come...

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