Sunday, July 19, 2009

We need a p.s.i. gauge

Fool me once,fool me twice...Don't pay attention to history and you're doomed to repeat it...We've all heard these handy little sayings and know all to well how accurate they are.

Apparently our President has misplaced his guide book as well.We are now full steam ahead on repeating the events that led to the recession.

You've seen the doomsday clock.The national debt counter.I propose a new nifty little gadget called the bubble pressure gauge.This would track how overinflated the economy is based on the usual contributors like the deficit and over-regulation.I would let somebody much smarter than me decide what factors help to inflate it and at what point it bursts.

The Federal Reserve is once again acting in lockstep with Goldman Sachs to get these bubbles re-inflated.The WSJ calls them Goldie Mac quite appropriately and they will make billions on the way back-up and then on the next crash as well as they always have.

What's disconcerting about the whole process is where the public's focus is.Remember that the majority still only watch the big 3 networks for their news.Newspapers were,of course,even bigger but many have now ceased daily publication.Internet news is growing but too much of the truth is only presented to those that seek it out.

Politicians are more aware of this than anybody as evidenced by Obamas' popularity despite his disastrous policies.They are the masters of sleight of hand because most people watch the outstretched hand and ignore the hand behind their back.

I am a firm believer that Obama has no intention of a 2nd term.Never did.His ideology and the implementation of his agenda supercede everything else.It explains why the urgency to ramrod all of his agenda items in the first year.Once the majority catch onto his game,the party is over.

I used to wonder why he made no logical attempt at economic recovery.We all spend so much time dissecting the stimulus and TARP and all of the other programs.One would ponder why he didn't at least make an attempt to resurrect the economy which would further increase his approval ratings if he pulled it off.

Because restoring our economy and implementing a sound fiscal policy doesn't do anything to further his ideology.Only thru crisis can policy be altered that will literally change the landscape of our country.He cannot be bogged down by standard Congressional debate and the compromises required to pass legislation.

You don't have to get caught up in any New World Order conspiracy theory to see this.He really does believe in his ideology and wants to mold the country in his vision of how it should be.To those who say they don't know where he is trying to take the country simply aren't paying attention to his upbringing and the path he has followed.

So when you try to decipher events in a logical manner,it doesn't fit because his goals are not the same as most people.It's like trying to understand a child molester.You don't even have that gene in your DNA so you can't understand how anyone could possibly do such a thing.

When you keep your eye on the prize,it makes comprehending the movements Obama makes much easier.Whether it's cap and trade,health care reform,amnesty,etc. it all fits into his vision even when it seems senseless for us.You must understand your enemy's ambitions to defeat him.More to come...

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