Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Democratic party?

OK,the Government has overseen one of the primary reasons for the recession and the high cost of healthcare according to Obama.Medicare and Medicaid to be exact.Government run programs.And the Government will now take over the healthcare industry and make it better?

I wonder what our life expectancy will now drop to with the Obama plan to cut life short?

Congress won't participate in the fun.They will keep their own private option.We are told it's because the Federal plan is actually the Cadillac plan and too expensive.I have to wonder if we pooled the purchasing power of 300 million Americans together if the price might come down?

I propose we allow the Libs to go off into their own little world.Announcing the National Democrat Socialist Club.All registered Democrats are required to participate.It's simple.
-give your entire paycheck to the Government
-you will receive vouchers for housing,food,transportation and clothing.The exact same amount for every member.Fairness will reign supreme as a one class society insures equality.
-all entitlement programs,save the ______ programs,healthcare,climate change,etc. will come out first,so the vouchers will simply be the net divided by the total members.This may be a negative number based on how many causes the Democrats decide are crucially important.

Ta da!A real chance for the Dems to put their money where their mouth is.Oh wait,they wanted to use your money,not theirs.Back to the drawing board.More to come...

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