Friday, July 17, 2009

Evolving terminology

One must really be tuned in to stay on top of what things are called these days.Global warming has gone the way of the dodo bird and evolved into climate change.No one in the carbon emissions tax collection department had the foresight to realize that temperature cycles do occur naturally and to keep fooling the people long-term they would have to account for this.

Amnesty for aliens breaking Federal law by entering the country illegally to shore up the Democrat voting block didn't sell so well,so they transformed that into immigration reform.

Socialized healthcare isn't very palatable either.Especially when it's designed to eliminate the private health care industry and use the Government program to force the wealthy half to provide health insurance for the less fortunate half.So we now have health care reform.

Today we are learning that the stimulus plan wasn't ever designed to stimulate.Instead it has become the downturn cushion plan.Yes,the largest spending program ever devised was only put in place to keep things from getting really bad.I mean,unemployment could actually exceed 8% nationally without it.Err,I mean 9%.Or maybe 10%.Whatever.We are now 40 days into the Obama proclamation of creating 600,000 jobs in 100 days this summer.Meaning we have created 240,000 to date,right?That's right,it was "save or create",so we would have had another 240,000 lost without the stimulus that isn't a stimulus.

Then,of course,there is Biden.The genius of galactical proportions has determined that we must spend more money to keep from going bankrupt.That's right,he came up with that one all by himself.Spend money to make money.Now,that theory works in Vegas where you can't win if you don't play.How about if we extrapolate his theory to some other areas?

Tell your boss that you're not working as hard to become more efficient.

Tell your mortgage company you're skipping your payments because your home value is dropping anyway.

Tell your wife you're staying out with your buddies at the strip club all night because absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Start eating triple decker bacon cheese instant artery clogging burgers for all 3 meals daily to lose weight.

Why don't you try a few of these and see how that works out for you.More to come...

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