Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Read it or suffer the alternative

Rep. John Conyers gets quite a kick out of the novel idea of actually reading a bill that he votes on.He muses about what is the point of reading a 1,000 bill without 2 days and 2 lawyers present to understand what he just read.

I have an idea.If you can't understand the language in these bills,just step aside gracefully and let someone have the job who can actually perform it.

What you probably meant to say was that you think it should be criminal when an elected representative votes on our behalf without bothering to even find out what they are voting on.To actually believe that you should cast a vote on the behalf of all of the constituents you represent without knowing how it will affect them 100% is unthinkable.How do you people sleep at night?

I propose a remedy.We will give our elected officials a choice.They must read the bill in it's entirety and understand how it will affect the voters in their district completely and insure that the vote they cast best represents the concerns of the majority of their constituents or they must sit thru every minute of every Detroit Lions practice,preseason and game this season.Seems like an easy choice to me.More to come...

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