Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Idle thoughts

I was listening to Obama again reversing course and state that the stimulus is working,is on course,and that he wouldn't change it at all if he could.Whatever story serves the purpose of the moment.I again heard someone saying that they didn't vote for him,but he was still their President.So I wondered what we have in common since he is my President anyway.

We both have an ideology.He was educated by Saul Alinsky and it shows.I believe in the principles this country was founded upon,not what I may think they should have been.

We both want change.He wants Government to expand dramatically and be the central point in our lives.I want it to shrink dramatically and operate within the Constitution.

We both want health care reform.He wants a single payer government provided system with small businesses picking up the tab.I want reduced costs and taxpayer supported systems to be eliminated.

We both want clean air,water and soil.He wants the cap and trade hidden tax route to handicap American businesses against global competitors.I believe that any attempt to reduce pollution should actually reduce it rather that simply apply fines (hidden taxes),should be promoted as pollution legislation and taken to the taxpayers as a new tax should they approve it,and should have consensus science to back it up.

Those are a few areas of many I found that we agreed upon.However,we unanimously disagree on how to achieve them.I think the majority of us have a great many common areas of concern.Unfortunately,we have vastly different solutions generally due to our political ambitions.More to come...

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