Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Next bust imminent?

Moody's just released their latest report tracking commercial real estate and it's unprecedented.

Every property type being tracked is negative with 4 categories never lower since tracking began.The downturn is 100% guaranteed.If I could tell you exactly when,I'd make my millions as a forecaster.

Do yourself a favor.Don't get caught again when the stock market plunges.Everyone paying attention has known that the commercial real estate market crash was coming.Hard data backs this up,it's not speculation.Just as the residential market will bottom again next year or maybe 2011 as all those ARM's reset.Unsecured credit is still a monster looming.

If you watch CNBC,they have a vested interest in promoting Bernanke's green shoots.They always trend bull market.They have to be positive.Having a positive attitude is a good thing.Backing it up with legitimate reasoning is wiser.Those of us who put that outlook in check aren't doing because we always have a negative outlook.We simply want logic to back it up.More to come...

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