Sunday, July 5, 2009

Layoff all Republican Congressman?

Biden says we underestimated the severity of the economic crisis.Joe,your nose is getting longer.Everybody and their brother told you how bad it was and that your stimulus wouldn't work.You and Obama have selective hearing of course and were only concerned with implementing your agenda.

Now it suits your purpose to "come clean" and confess that you underestimated because you are laying the groundwork for phase 2 of the stimulus.We will hear that we didn't do enough the first time and that we'll get it right this time.Hope that nose doesn't get so big your glasses don't fit.

I had a thought on how to save money.With the Franken "hiring" in the Senate,the Republicans are now officially irrelevant in Congress.The minority party in the House and they play no role in forming legislation with the Pelosi rules in play.The minority in the Senate with the Democrats now achieving their filibuster proof headcount.Obama calls on them for window dressing to give the appearance of bi-partisanship.

Why not just layoff all the Republican members of Congress?Look at the money taxpayers could save.Do the opposition votes on the Obama laundry list of social legislation really matter?They will push thru anything they want between now and 2010 anyway.I know that's not how our democracy works and this is a silly premise,but it's not that far out at the end of the day.More to come...

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