Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Remember these libs?They're not out of date!

Wouldn't it be refreshing to see the liberals put their money where their mouth is.They love the thought of redistributing wealth (other peoples,not their own) and paying more in taxes.Unfortunately,liberal ideology doesn't take into account self-accountability and responsibility,rather it requires forced participation from other parties.

I see no reason they can't set a precedent and lead by example.If they believe so fervently in paying more taxes,why not just do it willingly themselves?No one forces you to take the available exemptions,credits and deductions when calculating your tax burden.They could simply reject them and thus pay a higher tax rate.One would think this would relieve them of the burden they must feel with the thought of not contributing enough in taxes.So I say just go ahead and do it proactively.Tax revenues would immediately increase making much money available for Obama to redistribute to the many worthy causes he champions.A true win-win!

OK,enough silliness as this would never happen.You know,today we hear repeatedly that the constitution is outdated and doesn't apply to our culture as it has evolved.This is why judges love case law.Rather than measuring the merits of a case against the actual law itself,they prefer to use precedent as their guide.In other words,whatever the last guy ruled.A dynamic,evolving type of judicial reasoning.They wish to apply the same rules to the constitution.So,rather than review the 10 rights listed in the Bill of Rights,maybe there is another list of ten that they should be more concerned with.Because the laws that they're breaking today don't just throw the constitution away,they break commandments that will cost them much,much more.Yes,those ten commandments.Here they are and isn't it interesting just how applicable they are to what is happening in our society today.

More to come...

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