Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nuclear option begins!

The nukes are in the bullpen warming up.That's the message delivered by Obama today.He had his dog and pony show and it went as planned.The Republicans laid out their ideas (again,despite the claims of not having any) and rejection was assured.Of course,the President said the right thing.He will take the next few weeks to ponder some of the GOP proposals and he hopes they will do the same.Make no mistake,the gears are now turning for reconciliation in the Senate,the so-called 'nuclear option'.

He pointed out that the bridge was maybe too large of a gap,and that they would move forward after this 'pondering' period with parliamentary procedures and that the upcoming mid-term elections would decide who's right.In other words,we are going to ram this bill thru despite what the public wants or what alternatives the GOP presents.He took time to relay that whenever he hears from the public,they always agree with each important point of his reform proposal.They simply disagree with the overall package.Huh?Does that make any sense?We supposedly agree with all aspects of his plan,but overwhelmingly disagree with the whole thing.Classic doublespeak.Politicians are experts at spewing forth a detailed breakdown of their point,and then you end up more confused than before you started.

We must now suffer thru a period of potentially six weeks in which we will watch a degrading of the process.It starts with the politically correct statements of an attempt at bi-partisanship.We will find the chasm to great to overcome and the President will continue with his urgency platform that we cannot wait,cannot start over,and that the GOP simply won't compromise enough on key points.Thus,he will have no choice but to push the nuclear button.

This is all a foregone conclusion.The real question is in the House.The Senate bill will still be radioactive from the fallout (sorry,can't help myself).Will enough House Democrats be willing to go completely over the cliff to pass it?Obama will rubberstamp anything thrown his way.I've been saying that for a year now.He will pass some version of healthcare reform for his legacy.Anything that gets added to it for decades to come will always be attributed to him and his ability to pass what no other could for a half-century.

We hear that Pelosi doesn't have the votes.That Bart Stupak and his gang will hold it up over abortion language.I still believe that at the end,the Democrats will close ranks and do it.They will believe the fallout to be worse by doing nothing after all their efforts.The onus will then be on the voting public to make them pay with their political career.More to come...

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