Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2-1-1 tomorrow?

This story is so quiet,it's deafening.Apparently,everyone is simply declaring it all talk.Iran has made the somewhat unusual proclamation about delivering a "stunning" blow to the west tomorrow and nobody is talking about it.I guess it's just lumped in with a standard Bin Laden release in which the threats are always vague so there's nothing to get excited about.I hope their right.Conspiracy talk for a long time has been that the suitcase nukes we've heard about are already in place in our country just waiting to be detonated.One of these "dirty" bombs would absolutely trigger the other shoe to drop on the global economy.I can't even imagine the chaos that would follow if we woke up to that news.Let's hope it's just another overblown threat.Let's also not forget that we were just warned about a "certain" attack in the next 6 months.More to come...

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