Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Governing on a curve

We're all familiar with grading on a curve from school.You know,where you throw out the best and the worst and the middle is where we all end up.In some respects,our government seems to approach things in this way.We all pay the price for the shortcomings of the few.We all need to be protected from ourselves.Now I know some will say,hold on a minute.The government is actually trying to eliminate the middle and move to a two class society,rich and poor.We're all heading for the poor class while our overseers take the high road.I get that.

But I'm just observing how government makes policy on a wide scale basis based on a few incidents.Look at Obama with Joe the plumber.He wants those who succeed to "pull" those below up,otherwise known as wealth redistribution.We see it in our regulatory agencies all the time.It could be safety as is in the news these days with all of the automotive recalls.Pharmaceuticals are another prime example.There are countless examples when you start thinking about it.

All designed to protect the little guy we are told.Big brother watching over us.If anyone saw the incident in Oregon with the kid and the 2 inch plastic toy at school was understandably outraged at our politically correct society going way overboard with another zero tolerance policy.Again,punish all to protect the one.Just like when somebody threw spitballs in class and nobody would fess up.Everybody got to write sentences.

It has it's place.Team sports.The military.Places where everyone must work together as one unit.But I don't think mainstream America wants any part of it.We want government to get out of our lives in every way possible.Do as little as is required.I just saw a clip on the tv above the speedway gas pump talking about the snowstorm shutting down D.C. for a 2nd day.This was going to cost us $100 million per day in productivity the announcer proclaimed.I say she was dead wrong.Any day our government ceases to function saves us countless millions.The exact reason we need to return to a part-time legislature.They used to meet every 2 years.Can you imagine if it were structured that way?Elected officials making minimal pay without career positions that must pass legislation in one month every 2 years?The results would be spectacular simply for holding them to minimal damage if nothing else.

These days,we can't fly our flag if it doesn't comply with someones ordinance.We can't say the pledge of allegiance.Our religious views must be kept to ourselves.We do ridiculous things like shut down the entire farming industry in central California to protect a 2 inch long fish.Our government regulates our toilets.What's in our medicine cabinet.What foods we can eat.The type of car we can drive.Just an endless stream of how to live our lives.All to protect us and promote a civil society where what we do,say or think mustn't infringe on any other person in any way.Karl Marx would have been proud.We are sitting by idly and at times even encouraging our government to strip away our freedom little by little.Marx thought he had to do it forcefully.If only he knew he simply had to tell us it was for our own good.More to come...

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